Customer feed back.

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Thought I would take a few moments to drop you a line to give you some feedback. I have been fishing for more years than I can care to remember and over the last 5 or 6 years have got back into serious carp fishing. Like many others I think I’ve been guilty of jumping from one bait to another as it is being advertised as ‘the’ bait or the ‘best’ bait and to be honest although I have caught many fish on them have never really been confident with them. I do think that some of these baits are coloured and flavoured to catch the angler rather than the fish.

Not long ago I was surfing the net and was attracted to ‘Royal Marine’ probably because of my military background so immediately went to the bait works website. After a bit of reading up and research I decided to order some Atlantic heat. It arrived very quickly and I was kept updated re delivery times etc.

On opening the bait I  must say I was really impressed with the texture and obvious quality of the bait. After using it successfully I have now ordered a range of glug, oil, pop ups and wafters etc  and can’t see me using anything else – it is a bait I have full confidence in. In addition the service is fantastic. Each time I have phoned I have spoken to someone who is very helpful and generally interested in helping me and not just there to give me the standard customer services blurb.

I will be recommending you to all my fishing mates.

Kind regards

John Dallison.

PS. Find attached a photo of a 26.8 common caught on my first session using Atlantic Heat.